EFP is a Non-Profit Organization. We provide Technical education to students at their own school free of cost. It is compulsory in Pakistan especially in backward areas to explore the hidden talent of youth by providing them Platform like EFP.


While earning your daily bread,be sure you share a slice with those less fortunate.Thousands of Pakistan’s poor children are lacking knowledge and education but you can make a difference.
This organization can only achieve its goals with the assistance of generous donations from our community. Without those donations, serving those in our area would not be possible.

Our Services

We are serving Formal and Informal education to students to recognize their talent. We Motivate and Boost up the students.
We sponsor the talented Students and distribute IT equipment & other accessories free of cost.


In this Content, We provide a startup to intersting Students by making some Web modules in PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS & C++. If the student get the point and propose some unique task in web development, We sponsor the student and give equipments to complete the proposed Project.


Our Animation Prfessional team members present some samll projects & explore these projects before the students and then ask the students to perform that activity before professionals.If anyone of them has unique idea in Animations making, we sponsor them.


Many Students have ability to give language to their colours. Our professional Artis guide them to make some unique Drawings. We provide Drawings material to the students without any cost to share their feelings through colours. EFP exhibit the top drawings in Exhibition Gallary


Our new generation is very found of Video Games. There are many video Games in market which are developed by Students. EFP Programmers guide these students to develope a Video Game by the support of EFP and then exhibit their projects in annual exhibition.


We arrange motivational speeches for the students at thier own campus to boosting them up and motivating to move ahead to meet with their dream futute. We have some members which are motivational speakers who help the students to go ahead and achieve the goals in their fields.


EFP create an evironment for the students and teach them basic levels of hacking and cracking on their Mobile phones or computer system. This activity help them to explore their talent. We sponoser the student who could be good hacker or able to become hacker in future.


These are our Proud Activites which have succesfully done by EFP Team.
We beleive on "When you can't find the Sunshine, Be the Sunshine"

EFPakistan Event

Qadafi Stadium Lahore

EFPakistan Event

Beacon Science School, Lahore

EFPakistan Event

Govt. High School Karim Block

EFPakistan Event

Govt. High School Karim Block

EFPakistan Meeting

Qadafi Stadium, Lahore

EFPakistan Meeting

Govt. High School Karim Block

EFPakistan Meeting

Qadafi Stadium, Lahore

EFPakistan Meeting

Qadafi Stadium, Lahore

About Us

EFP is a non profit organization working in Pakistan to promote and explore the talented students.

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Our Specialities

Our team contain the members which are Motivational Lecturers, Web Developers, Programmers, Robotics Engineers, Artists and Volunteers.

  • Free of Cost Technical Training
  • Motivational Lectures
  • Distribution of Accessories
  • Distribution of IT equipments
  • Free of Cost EFP T-Shirts
  • Serving all around the Pakistan

Our Methodology

We provide technical education to students at their own school Free of Cost.
It is Unique Platform in Pakistan which is working to explore the hidden talent of youth all around the Pakistan















Our Professional team members perform the activity at school/college to explore the talent.
We Sponsore the talented students to explore their hidden abilities before the world.


Latest Blogs

We are so much excited after receiving a lot of appreciation and positive feedback for our work.
We need your guidance through feedback.

Children need Support

Children in middle school and high school have different challenges to deal with. The younger ones often face the problem of being allowed to continue on in school. In many cases their contribution is needed by their families and going to school is often not considered necessary. The older ones usually have secured the support of their families. They have to mainly deal with securing financial support to be able to finish school and to become self-determined young adults. We want to help the children in exactly what they need at the given stage of their development.

Importance of Science & Technology

Growing up in a rural area of the Pakistan province of Sindh, my education was traditional. I had no access to computers, and classes were rooted in old-fashioned pedagogy – based around the concept of a teacher dispensing information to be written down and then memorized by students. It was in my college years when I had the idea that, by taking advantage of modern technology, we could craft new educational models that may better prepare students for life in the 21st century.

Youth, The Future of Pakistan

Imagine a world in which children are free from poverty, live in happiness and have open access to adequate education. Imagine a world where children, even those born in a disadvantaged part of the world, can be physically, mentally and emotionally healthy for the road ahead. Well, Exploring Future pakistan (EFP) is working to make this world a reality.

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Main Boulevard, Gulberg-III, Lahore
Phone: +92 334 6715209